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K i will try to make this the readers digest version, after the disclaimer "NOT LOOKING FOR MEDICAL ADVICE!!!!" now thats out of the way. Long story short, been diagnosed after many months of c/o neck pain and pressure with some trouble swallowing as have 3 pretty good sized complex thyroid nodules. Blood work came back perfectly normal, no antibodies for hashimoto's, thyroid hormones within range, only oddity being elevated wbc's. Had a coarse needle biopsy almost 2 weeks ago, results came back as inconclusive. Will be going to appointment next tuesday to talk about doing a partial lobectomy. The ultrasound showed that the tissue of the left lobe is abnormal, and the physical exam showed the whole gland itself is inflammed. I have thought of some questions i am going to ask such as, if i dont have antibodies why is it so inflammed, and would it be more prudent to simply remove the whole gland as we dont know what caused the one side to mess up,( i have nodules on both sides btw), and i already know how long the recovery time is for post surgery as well as possible complications. statistically i am aware the chance of cancer is very low, so im not really worried about that. I just really am at a loss as to what else to ask. Any good ideas would be greatly appreciated. I hate to admit that im totally blank about it. :rolleyes:

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