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When did you know?


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I was wondering from all you wonderful people, I know alot of you probley decided to become a CRNA while or before nursing school. When you started working in the ICU, when did it hit you that you felt prepared to apply and to take on such a challenging program(CRNA)?

P.S.-Thanx to all that post on this forum, I always try to read at least once a week-It keeps the dream alive reading so many of you are out there actually achieving the ultimate goal for me and others. THANX for the inspiration...


I never even knew what a CRNA was until I started working in ICU and one of my coworkers was starting at Baylor. It took me several years to be in a financial position to even finish my BSN. Further delays came from marriage and children. Finally, after 9 years of ICU, I am finally going to start CRNA school. Mentally, I could have started several years ago, but financially and socially it was not possible. Either way, I can't wait to get started!


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Was an anesthesia tech before nursing school. Saw what anesthetists did...could not wait to get into the icu...now I cannot wait to get out and get back into the OR :roll. The scope of practice will be broader with more autonomy and better reimbursement for focusing on one patient at a time- all with half the amount of paperwork. I cannot imagine a better deal than that.

I never truly felt "prepared" to apply, just tried to knock out all of the prerequisites I could. Figured I would keep applying until I got in, plus being a critical care nurse while I waited seemed interesting enough in the meantime.

Good luck



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Thanx guys and to TRAMA nurse congrats.......... you're so where I want to be ;)

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