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When is a good time to become a CNA as a Pre-Nursing student?

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So I had just finished my first quarter of college. I did pretty well so I'm hoping the next quarters will fly by... I am on a transfer degree for pre-nursing and I know it is a competitive field. I want to become a CNA due to its benefits and skills I can get my hands on as well as getting paid! So I know I should be finishing the pre-nursing courses later next year and was wondering if it is a good idea to go through becoming and working as a CNA while taking college courses or after taking the courses? I don't plan on working a lot because I already have trouble fitting in some study time. If I do not plan on working as CNA now, should I do that after taking college courses? But when I apply to transfer to a university I wouldn't be able to put CNA as experience on my college resume/application after finishing pre-nursing courses (knowing that there is a waitlist)?

I'm in nursing school right now and have been a CNA for 6 years and it's great experience. I have worked in a nursing home, home care, and now a hospital on a med surg floor. All completely different but I have learned a lot. I still make plenty of time to study just have to prioritize things. I think you should do it the sooner the better to get your foot in the door and experience gained!

If you have the money, get the cert and start working before school. You will be miles ahead of your classmates in those first clinicals because you'll be comfortable with basic patient care. If money is an issue, some states will also allow you to "challenge" the test once you've passed the Fundamentals of Nursing class. They pay is not usually great, but even 8-12 hours a week can land you good experience and references. Good luck with whatever you choose.