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What's an in-demand specialty for Hawaii?

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I plan to move to the Big Island once I have my BSN and a year or two of experience under my belt. I'm wondering (since I dont' really have a strong preference for any specialty yet) if there is a need that I should focus on filling? I know there are many people who suffer spinal injuries in surfing accidents, and the islands need lots more mental health care. Do any of you folks have suggestions? What niche can I fill? TIA

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Always a demand for Psych Nurses... that said, those floors/agencies are always the first to get their budget cut.

Hmmm... what specialty? Well.. I'd pick Cath Lab. They seem to be slowly taking over alot of the work from CABG cases. Ablations are more and more common. And every one has pacemakers.

That said, you really can't go wrong with some ICU/ER experience. With that level of nursing experience, most departments will be more willing to train you.

Just think of it this way:

1) A MedSurg nurse can do Medsurg.

2) A Tele nurse can do Tele and Medsurg.

3) An ER/ICU nurse can do ER/ICU, Tele, and Medsurg.

I'm not saying an ER/ICU will be a "good" Medsurg nurse... cause, really they just aren't. But atleast they'd get hired.

*rambling off*

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