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I am new to this discussion board, but have been reading the posts here in the CRNA forum. Your posts have been very informative to me and I have thoroughly enjoyed them. I wanted to get your opinion on my chance of getting accepted to CRNA school. I appreciate any feedback you can give me.

I am 31 years old and have been a nurse for 7 years. All, but 1 1/2 of those years have been in an administrative role. I am a Compliance Auditor (job requires that I be an RN). Of course, this has allowed me to lose my clinical skills. I am willing to do whatever is necessary to reach my new goal of becoming a CRNA. I have met with the Porgram Director of a school close by. I presented my transcript to the director (which was not the best). My priorities at 18-24 years old were way different than they are now. I was upfront about my past with the director and explained that I then lacked the study skills necessary to excel in the more rigorous courses (I heard one of you guys suggest that)I expalined that I had now redoubled my efforts and was ready to do whateverwas necessary. I was surprised at the positive response I got. He of course did not assure me of anything except a for sure interview if I got my GPA up in my science classes. He sent me on my way with the following instructions:

Repeat the following classes:

A&P I and II

General Chemistry

Take an Organic Chem class (never taken before)

My current GPA in just the science classes is 1.99.

He stated I must make an "A" in all four classes without fail(which would bring my GPA up to a 3.8, only need a 3.2 for a guaranteed interview)and get a year of critical care experience. The hospital I work for is letting me transfer from Corporate Compliance to SICU. The nurse manager there understands what I am trying to do and is willing to help me.

The program director did say I was taking a risk but that me being willing to leave a good job like I have to go the critical care area and retake those classes will speak highly about my motivation. I am not quite sure what he meant when he said he was pretty sure my job was "real nice". Maybe because it is 7-3 no nights and weekends. I am willing to give that up and do whatever is necessary. My main question to him was--Could I overcome my past and if so where should I go from here? I am not wanting to enter the program until 8/2005. I am positive and am going to keep going forward. This goal almost seems out of reach but that makes me want it even more! I told the director if he could give me the slightest chance that this could be possible for me then I was going to go with it!

Sorry for such a long post, but wanted some feedback from you guys. Everyone I have read so far seems so nice and willing to offer straighforward feedback. Thanks for listening.


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It appears the director was very upfront about what you needed to do, which is great. He would not encourage you to change jobs if there was not a chance. Go for it!!


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I am very new to this forum, and do not have specific advice about how you can improve your chances of getting into crna school.

However, I am a firm believer that if you can dream it, you can become it.

Your post has me wondering why anyone in your position would question the contribution you've made to the field of nursing up to this point. Ok, so you will need to relearn your clinical skills..............It's not impossible. Not even close.

Your goal of becoming a crna isn't any less possible than it is for the rest of us who are working to that end. Making the change is scary, but do it afraid.

Picture someone else in your shoes. You probably wouldn't be nearly as hard on them as it sounds like you're being on yourself. We all start somewhere.



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Thanks etherchick for responding to my post and taking the time to read it. It was a long one, I know. It helps so much to hear words of encouragement when your just not sure if you can do it. I am afraid but I refuse to give up due to fear. Like you said I am going at it afraid but full force. Thanks again!:)


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My situation last year was similar to yours. My GPA wasn't the highest, I played around a little in my undergrad. I had to retake three science classes this past year, it bumped my science GPA up to about a 3.6. I did get in to a program starting this Jan. Go for it and good luck.


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Can I have your cushy desk job? :cool: Go for it, you can do it!


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Congrats on getting into a program mbrian46! Keep us posted on how it goes for you.



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This is what I would say.. find an icu with lots of "line" and vent experiences. get acls, pals and ccrn or at least know the cardio and pulm from the ccrn book. Good luck!

Hey Beamer,

Have you thought of taking a graduate course in pharmacology or pathophys? Getting an A in one of these courses is just as "do-able" as getting an A in an undergrad course. Not only would it show the program that you are applying to that you are capable of graduate level work, but it would also help prep you for your interview. Just a thought. Good luck!

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