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I've read some great stories here in the past, and I'm going through one of my "is there anything else" periods (these usually occur when I am forced to study reams of science). I find sincere stories of the paranormal to be as faith inspiring as the best Sunday sermon. Has anyone seen a ghost, angel, demon, spirit ect. or had an experience that defied all rational analysis? Maybe we could collect these stories into a book someday and donate the proceeds to disabled nurses or something. Let me start things off:

Whan my mother was in her final days in hospice last year I spent the nights at the facility on a fold out couch. The heavy bathroom door kept closing itself and locking (there were no drafts and the room door was closed). The staff took care of the problem several times without comment. I know it's pretty weak ( eminent skeptics like Carl Segan or Phillip Klass wouldn't be impressed) but it's the closest thing I've had to a paranormal experience in my life (at least that I can recall at the moment).

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