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What To Do After Flunking?

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Here's the run-down of my story: 2-3 years ago I was admitted to a BSN nursing program but failed med-surg. I completely withdrew afterward. My school didn't really explain the options for re-application and other pathways (maybe they did and I was trying too hard not to cry to hear it, IDK) nor did they mention that most schools in my state won't even consider a failed-out nursing student until 5 years have passed.

Right now, I'm majoring in bio to get my bachelors and I'll hopefully graduate this Spring with a 3.15 GPA. After taking a year or so off, I want to go back to nursing school because I can't picture myself doing anything else. I have a feeling my grades won't be high enough for ADN programs (although I do test well so there's hopes in admissions exams) and accelerated BSN/MSN programs have all but hung up the phone when I called to ask if they accept folks who have failed a nursing course. I'll still apply for those programs when the time comes for the heck of it, but I think my most likely route is to apply for LPN schools (I haven't seen as many 5-year-restrictions for those programs) and work my way up the nursing chain from there. When I hit the 5-year mark, most of my pre-reqs will expire so I'm hoping to get admitted into a school before then so I won't have to start back at ENG 1101 and whatnot.

That's my history and current plan. But I wanted to come here to ask if anyone (particularly anyone in GA) has had experience with failing a nursing class and being able to get back in. How did you end up getting back in? How did you handle the five-year requirement? If you applied to accelerated programs, did you find that they were more tolerable of a lower GPA than if you were just undergrad?

I've also seen some nursing educators on here so if you're one of those lovely folks I'd also like to ask a) How likely do you think it is that school administrations would consider folks like me? b) Does my failure of one class (vs the full two) actually count as me failing out or does it still count as full failure since I withdrew myself? and c) (just 'cause I'm curious) Do you know why certain states like GA implement a full 5-year restriction on those who fail out? I've assumed it's to give those people ample time to learn, mature, and show their dedication but I don't actually know.

TLDR: I failed out of nursing school 2 years ago after failing one (not two) class(es) and now I'm about to graduate with a bachelor's in bio with a lower GPA. Most schools in my state require 5+ years in between failure and re-admission. I want to go back through an accelerated program but will work my way up from an LPN program if I have to (if I can get into one) - hopefully before my pre-req credits expire. Students with similar experiences: what is your story? Any present nursing educators: do you have any inside perspectives about admissions under these circumstances?

Even more than specific advice, I'd just love to hear stories about people who took an unconventional route but still made it; it helps keep a gal dreaming.