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Operating room Clutter vs Infection Control??????

I had a question asked about our operating room equipment clutter, does it prevent proper cleaning of the room? General practice includes setting up the rooms for the next days cases, however an environmental service attendant come in the night to terminally clean. The attendant has not voiced an opinion, however someone else's opinion is that there is too much equipment in the rooms and should be kept out of the room until the time period prior to the case.

What are some of your thoughts?

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At my last hospital we would set up big cases (total ortho, shoulder scopes, carotids, etc.) the night before. We didn't have a night person that cleaned the rooms. At my present hospital, they don't set up the night before as they sight an AORN standard that states all flat surfaces need to be wiped down at the start of the day. I liked it better at my last hospital as trying to set up a big case in 45 minutes is too crazy. Most people don't even wipe the room's flat surfaces down anyway, and ignore it, so it's a moot point.

As far as having the room all set up with equipment for the next day's case and having a night person try to clean the room... I wouldn't think that would be the best practice if you want to get the room cleaned ?

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