What do you think "low renal threashhold" means?

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Hi everyone. I just received copies of my medical records. At one point it seemed I constantly had sugar in my urine tests. The doctors office failed to share this with me so I read my records and found out on my own. The doctor only wrote it as " low renal threashhold" and they wanted to refer me to a diabetes clinic. They found no need to go through with the clinic. I have been tested for diabetes and it came back negative. I worked in LTC so I know alot about renal issues but I am a little concerned. I am only 25, should this even be a thing to worry about at my age? Is there something I could to possibly keep it from getting out of control?

What are you personal opinoins on this? Thanks, Sheri

It is too late for me to give you a good answer without rambling so I googled....

Renal diabetes (also called renal glycosuria) is a benign condition and a different disorder than diabetes mellitus. In renal glycosuria, glucose (sugar) spills in the urine due to a low threshold in the kidneys for retaining sugar. Blood glucose levels are normal, but the kidney fails to reabsorb the normal amount of glucose back into the blood, and any glucose above the low renal threshold is excreted in the urine. In diabetes mellitus, on the other hand, blood sugar levels are elevated if untreated, and renal thresholds for losing sugar into the urine are "normal."

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