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I interviewed last week for a position as a medical imaging nurse in a large cardiology clinic where I would be assessing patients, administering IV meds (lopressor, NTG), and monitoring pts on tele after their CTA. M-F job with hours 0730-1600. Very flexible if I need to make an appt. in the afternoon. Seemingly very friendly manager and staff. No call. No weekends. No holidays. All sound great to me excaept for M-F. I feel as if I would mourn my 4 days off a week, but this job has almost no turnover (the opportunity literally fell in my lap), so it seems as if I would be crazy to turn it down if offered the job.

Can anyone offer me a different way of looking at this opportunity? :confused:

Well, I was offered the job yesterday and I'm very excited. I didn't accept right away because, while we are still in the negotiating phase, I asked for $1/hour more. The offer was for more than I currently make in the hospital, but I thought if I didn't at least try to negotiate for higher, I would regret it. Hope it wasn't a huge mistake to do this. Thoughts?

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Well, you have to decide what things matter the most to you. If it's having four days off every week regardless of what that would entail, then no, this is not the job for you. If you'd rather have stability in both job and scheduling, then this job is worth considering.

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