What do you think of the H1N1 vaccination recommendations?

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I was just wondering if anyone had any particular opinions about the CDC recommendations for pregnant women, health care workers, and ages 6 mos. to 24 years (basically little children and students) to be first in line for the shot if available in Oct. I'm kinda bummed because I would be willing to get the shot despite the risks and will be a full time first-year nursing student in the fall but am too old - 39 - to be in the recommendations. Doubt I would qualify since although I will be exposed to the school environment, I am old. Too old for shot, too young to be naturally immune or semi-immune. Guess I'm feeling a little sorry for myself. :chuckle:p:saint:

Also wondering if people are going to be willing to take their young children in for an unproven shot in light of the 1976 incident.


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If you will have clinicals and work in a health care setting you should be eligible.

I have 3 children aged 14, 16, and 24. I am not eager for them to get the shot until I see if there are adverse effects.

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