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I am an RN w/11 yrs. exp. critical care/er. Within that time 3 of those years have been in supervision. I'm looking for a change. What does it take to "get into" homehealth? I stongly feel I am capable of doing an excellent job. Credentials: BSN, ACLS, PALS, TNCC.


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cc,you have experience similar to mine prior to my Home Care position. I was in Critical Care for 20 years,the last 7 as a Nurse Manager. I had ACLS,a Master's in Administration,and Certification in Nursing Administration,my CCRN lapsed as I got further and further away from the bedside. I too needed a change and applied to a Home Health agency with a Cardiac Team. I now case manage medical and surgical cardiac pts and am quite happy doing so. If you have good organizational skills,which most managers do, you'll do fine. Your assessment skills may need some dusting off, but it's like riding a bike, it comes back pretty quick. If I was a Home Health Mgr, I would consider someone with your background for a position. You have to be flexible, independent, have good critical thinking skills, and be able to handle lots of paperwork as well. Good luck in your endeavors,Home Care is great!


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