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I am not going to ask what I should do, because how would you know?! Given this scenario though, I am curious to know what you would do:

You're 29 years old, returning to school for nursing in the fall. About 10 years ago you started school for business and did ok, but didn't take it seriously. A year and a half ago you started taking prereqs for the nursing program and receive all As, with the exception of A&P I and A&P II. In those courses, you received B- and B+. Not getting an A was not a matter of intelligence or retention, you just didn't prepare for it and spend the time you needed to due to your three other classes per semester, working full time and raising a family. Still, you were accepted into the nursing program! As of now, your goal is to eventually go to CRNA school (while knowing those plans could change!).

Do you take the chance to retake A&P while in nursing school, knowing that the retake will take the B- and B+ place in your GPA calculation, or do you just continue on and spend your time on securing that elusive A in the nursing program?

I'd also like to add that I will not be working full time at all, and that my family is going to be helping a ton with the kiddos. I am almost worried I will have too much time on my hands, if that is a thing.

I personally am so conflicted. I am 100% positive that I could pass A&P and replace those Bs with As. This would also allow me to be inducted into my schools honor society after the fall semester. Otherwise, I would be waiting until spring for that. I am really struggling with the idea of spending the money on material that I have a fairly good grasp of, and want to get some opinions on what might look best come time for CRNA applications.

I would focus on nursing school, since nursing GPA will be critical during CRNA application. A&P will be part of overall GPA and retaking it will not raise your overall GPA significantly. Also, while retaking A&P, are you sure you'll be able to make A's in nursing classes?

You've already been accepted to nursing school - focus on making A's in nursing school and then doing well on GRE. This is my possible plan as well, assuming everything goes right.

I recommend focusing on your nursing classes. I got straight A's in all my pre-reqs and have gotten a couple B's in nursing school. Nursing classes are harder in my opinion and very different. You'll want to focus on them as much as you can. Plus it would suck if you retook A&P to replace your grades, only to get some B's in your nursing classes.

Do you understand the material in A&P?

Yes! I totally got this. ->> Proceed to nursing school. Brush up on study skills and beat your lack of motivation to prepare with a hammer.

No! I don't know tinnitus from a tibia! ->> Retake A&P until you have a good handle how bodies are put together and how they work, so you understand what happens when they don't work.

Grades are grades. Yes, they are important, but they aren't the end-all, be-all. Someone can knock it out of the park in class and do very well academically, but have all the bedside mannerisms of the aforementioned hammer. Others may shine in client care but really struggle academically.

Grades are important, but more importantly is the ability to have people skills, motivation, empathy, an openness to learn, and the ability to think on the fly.

It sounds like it would be a waste of money and time to retake A&P. Save your money and effort for nursing school because ultimately getting in an honors society sooner and having an A instead of a B on record isn't going to really give you anything. Having more time to focus on nursing will.

If there are areas of A&P you feel like you need to review or learn, then use the many, many online free resources. Khan Academy has a lot of in-depth videos.

Thank you all so much for your input. Your words mean more than I can say, especially to this overthinking woman! I haven't made my final decision but I think its likely I will put my "prereq" work behind me and move forward working towards a stellar nursing record. Thanks again!

I did well in A&P during class, but those classes came so early in my pre-requisites, I felt that I didn't retain much. You will need to have a good grasp of A&P to remember how drugs work and what side effects they can cause. The good thing is, is that most nursing programs have a patho section which will give you a refresher. Honestly, I felt better about relearning the A&P alongside my studies because I felt it made more sense to learn patho while learning about how things go wrong and cause disease. I would focus on nursing school and forgo retaking A&P because if there is something you don't quite understand, it is likely to be explained through your assigned readings. If not, there is a great number of youtube lectures which can give you a refresher. Good luck in your studies!!!

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