What is the starting salary for new LPN's

by GA Peach (New) New

Hello I'm interested in taking the LPN program. I actually have an appointment scheduled to take the entrance exam on Monday. I'm curious as to how much LPN's make coming out of school. I researched Indeed.com for salary range in Baltimore,MD the pay rate is nice in my opinion. More than what I make as a Medical Assistant. I haven't met any CMA's that earn more than $20 an hour. Actually I don't know many CMA's that earn $20 hourly, more like $13-$18. And then we are mostly M-F, 8-5. No flexibility. My friend and I applied at an Urgent Care Clinic and we were told they only hire CNA's NOT CMA's! Seriously, PCT's at my job make more than MA's and they do more nursing task. There is a lady at my job that has been a CMA since 1989 and she only makes $16 an hour. She was told that it was the max pay the hospital pays CMA's. I haven't been a medical assistant as long as her, but I surely don't want to make $16 an hour with 26 years of experience. That crazy! So, I wanted to ask a LPN/LVN that's new in the field. I enjoy what I do but I have a family to provide for and I can't make it off of a CMA salary. Also, it sucks because although I work in an ambulatory clinic, CMA's are only allowed to do limited things because we are in REGULATED space. That's insane. I could go back to working in private offices, but a lot of them are non-profit. The last private office I worked for I didn't get any vacation leave. I made $18 an hour but a lot of times the checks bounced. Heck at one point the Doctor I worked for couldn't afford to pay us so her husband started paying the staff. I'm not the only person who has experienced this. I've met others that have had the same issue. Sorry for the long message I'm just frustrated. LPN's I need your input....Please and thank you.