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Hi!! I'm currently a freshman at a community college. Next year I'm looking into transferring to UIC, then apply at UIC my sophomore year for the Nursing program starting fall of 2014. I was wondering, what looks good on the application? Obviously GPA, and grades but should i become a CNA, or do some volunteer work? UIC is VERY competitive!!!



Only become a CNA if you are wanting to work. I currently work in an assisted living which gives me reasons to go into nursing. If you do not have the time for work try and volunteering in some healthcare related setting. This will give you good points to make in your paper and also in interview to state why you are wanting to go into nursing and also this points out you sorta know what you are getting yourself into. Find someone to shadow. Getting your CNA is great and infant some nursing school here in Georgia are requiring you to get you CNA but only get it if you are wanting to work. Too me also being a pre-nursing student is getting your feet wet. We are no different than people trying to get into medical school.

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