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I am a student working on a project for school.

What skills and qualities in particular would you consider most valuable for an ambulatory nurse? Pros and Cons of the area? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Also, may I have your permission to use your responses and link to your threads?

Thanks in advance!:D


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I hope I'm not to late for your project

A good solid back ground in med surg nursing is esential.

You also need good phone skills with a 6th sense. You will be asked to make a nursing assement with out seeing a patient.

A good sense of humor and broad shoulders. Patients love to rake you over the coals.

Please feel free to e-mail me if you would like to discuss this more.

And yes you can use my comment

I do love the work I do. Presently I educate the asthmatics and manage thier care in our multispecialty clinic. I have done telephone triage and staff nursing in a very busy pediatric office.

Good luck


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