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What were your requirements for passing the HESI A2?


Hey guys!

I took my Hesi A2 on October 3rd. Unlike many, I actually have to schedule an appointment with a nursing advisor in order to receive my results, and I won't know my scores until October 28th. I am unbelievably nervous. I studied through various different resources including the Evolve study guide, and invested about 2 hours/day for 2 months prior to taking the exam. Much to my horror, not one thing that I studied was on the exam. I don't think I did so well, and although the first week I kept telling myself that there's still hope I am now preparing myself for the worst.

When I spoke to the director in August she told me that I needed a score of 20/30, which most girls get on reading alone. After taking the exam, I am unsure of what this means. While 20/30 would be around 66% overall, I have a hard time believing that anyone with a score of 66% would get into the program.

Here's a breakdown of my exam, we only took 5 sections:

Math- I did mediocre, probably around 75%

Writing- I did great on this section

Grammar and Vocabulary- I did great on this section

General Biology- I completely bombed it

Reading- I did awful. Reading is actually one of my strong subjects. I took this section last, and I think that I was so worked up over the rest of the test I just couldn't focus.

What are the requirements for your Hesi exams? I am just curious to see the requirements of everyone else, maybe it will put my mind at ease.