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What would you do? relocation advice please

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Hi everyone,

I'm an RN of 4.5yrs and live in MI. I've always worked for the same facility which is a 300 bed hospital. I've done medsurg/tele and L&D both of which I don't particularly want to go back. I'm in outpatient surgery now. Anyway, I'm considering moving to Tennessee. I'm married and have 3 children so it's a big decision. My husbands pay is a bit higher there or possibly the same, but more jobs, mine I've heard would be a bit lower. Cost of living seems close from what I can see. No propert taxes though. Anyway, I know I'd have to get my license there, Id be going from a non-contract state to a contract state so I'm not positive how that works. But I'd like to get that part started ahead of time but I don't want it to inactivate my license here in MI in case we changed our minds and decide not to move or something. Also I have heard recently from a friend that's a travel nurse that I should work with an agency and they'd help with my relocation or id make more money? I honestly don't know anything about agency nursing. I work in outpatient surgery right now part time by choice and I absolutely love it. Not sure I am willing to give up my position either. I don't want to go back to floor nursing. I have a day shift now, no call, no weekends or holidays- it's a pretty sweet gig that I'm actually grandfathered into, so won't be able to get again. I completely love it. But I hate MI weather and the economy is awful here and we kinda just want a fresh start and experience what else is out there. Any advice on the best way to make a relocation happen regarding just applying to a hospital there or using an agency? Any advice from nurses that live in TN, how is the nursing world there? Ratios? Opportunity? They seem to have a ton of hospitals from what I've found online. Cost of living is lower there which would be kinda nice. Would you risk giving up a position you loved for warmer weather, adventure?

What an interesting post! I am in a similar situation, but in reverse. I currently live in North Carolina and work in outpatient surgery. All of my family lives in Michigan and at some point I think I would like to move back to be closer to them. I don't really have any advice for you..... for myself, I'm not sure I would be happy going back to hospital floor nursing after having "normal" people hours in my outpatient surgery position. So, until something opens up work wise in Michigan that I'll enjoy, I just keep thinking about it. So no, I guess to answer your question, I wouldn't give up a position I'm happy in until I had something else equally good or better lined up.... unless I was miserable otherwise in my life. Good luck!


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