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What are your recommendations moving forward?


Has 5 years experience.

I was recently accepted to an ABSN program. I'm just trying to see if anyone has advice.

I have found that Anki has been helpful for memorization. I know you can covert Quizlet to Anki. Are there any good decks like from registerednurseRN or anything for the NCLEX. I'm looking for helpful Quizlet or Anki decks and practice questions. In medical school, there were a few great decks for boards. I may check the textbooks for questions but I know UWorld is great. It's just mainly focused on the NCLEX. I'd like to first focus on doing well in the ABSN.

Also, has anyone used Sketchy for nursing ( https://www.sketchynursing.com/products/catalog )? It creates markers for certain drugs. You visualize the picture or think of the story. It's a great way to remember things. Otherwise, I will make my own. I found this was the most helpful resource. Thanks!