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What questions?


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I am being interviewed for a position in a busy family practice office.

What questions should I ask?

What should I look for?

I have pretty much always worked in the hospital setting--ER, so this is new to me. I have read the posts on this forum.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

I work in an office in a VERY rural setting, (Wyoming) so I use alot of triaging skills, patients don't always know when to go to the ER and when to come to the office.....ie..chest pain, poss. dvts....etc......I would say the biggest things are organizational skills, and patient relations....cuz if the patient doesn't trust you you've already lost half the battle.....Now, don't take this to mean that you have to know everything, they just need to trust that if you DON'T know, you will find out.........It really is a very different kind of nursing...When I was in the hospital setting, I only saw people for a few days here and there, in the office you may see that person for a lifetime!!.....They become family!....I hope this helps!...During my interview I was asked why I wanted to work there...I said simply "I'm looking for a "home", someplace that I can work at and someday retire from, and feel satisfied that I DID something to make it a better place."......Sappy I know!!...but I meant every word of it and am told that that statement is why I got the job!!.....Feel free to borrow it if you mean it too. :)

I agree with all that Babs said.

I have worked in the same IM practive for five years..I am often amazed and always thirlled at the wonderful relatonships I have developed ...

I am able to use many of my nursing skills and I learn things daily from my doc I work for

and yes we make a BIGGG difference at the office level

Be honest and be yourself!!

Good Luck to you..I think Office nursingis the BEST type of nursing

Let us know the outcome

Joy and Smiles * Darla

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