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What are my options?


I have to repeat one nursing course because I got a C instead of a C+. If I fail the nursing BSN program, what are some of my options (leading to a career in nursing)? Would I be able to transfer some of my nursing classes to a different college? Would I be banned from attending other nursing schools? It's been bothering me...I prefer to remain in NY if possible...

Your options are:

1. To find out what the heck you did wrong to get a C, and never do it again. Buckle down and do better, I know it's hard but it's not impossible. So, get organized, ask people who are doing well for some study tips, and count this as an experience!

2. I believe you can transfer credits-contact nursing schools in your area, but in NY you should be fine.

3. Other careers include: Techs (or radiology, sonography), CNA, LPN/LVN.

Good luck, seriously, we all fail at some time, so don't give up-just improve. A C instead of Cplus-that would have irritated me to no end...and then I would make changes. You'll be alright!;)

BeenThereDoneThat74, MSN, RN

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First thing you need to do is read and KNOW your school's policy on failing, repeating, GPA requirements, and terms for dismissal.

before you throw in the towel, and assume that this is the end, here are a few things you should do.

2) make sure you know your school's policy on withdrawing from a course. Chances are, if you got a C this time, you can pull off a C+ the second time around. But then you need to get through the next course. If your school has a '2 strikes and you're out' policy, then you need to know at one point you can withdraw, if you feel like you are going to fail the course. I don't know the circumstances for your failure, but I know many of my students who failed were of the belief that they could pull themselves up after midterms. If you are failing all along, it is a longshot that you will suddenly pull of 90's on the second half of the term, as well as the final. You have to be honest with yourself, and swallow a little bit of humble pie. Not everyone passes on the first try, and bowing out (rather than failing out) is not 'giving up'.

3) If you do fail out of the program, it will be tough for you to get into another RN program (at least in the greater NY area). Most schools really don't want a student who has already proven themselves unsuccessful in another program. And your GPA will be very low, not meeting the requirements of most schools. There are people on this site who claimed to have gotten into another program after failing, you would need to do a search and ask them how they did it.

You could try the LPN route. It may not be exactly what you wanted, but you could use it as a stepping stone. Get that, work for a bit as an LPN, and over time, the nursing failures may not mean as much (if you can establish yourself as a stellar LPN and your nursing pre-req's are good).

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