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What is your opinion of OTs?

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Hi everyone! I'm going to be a Canadian occupational therapy student in September. I have limited exposure to healthcare (only 1 day in an inpatient mental health unit), and was wondering if I could ask you guys some questions:

1. Do you interact with OTs (and how often)? Do you feel like they're a teammate, or do they just do their stuff and leave?

2. What do nurses/doctors/patients generally think of occupational therapists? Are they well-regarded? On the mental health unit, I noticed that my OT wasn't very involved in the back-and-forth between doctors and nurses in their reports, and I wondered how much her input was valued or needed.

3. Is there anything I can do as an OT to avoid annoying patients, nurses, or any other healthcare professionals? I want to know what a "bad OT" looks like so I can avoid those actions.

Thank you so much, and sorry if this is in the wrong forum.


Specializes in Psychiatric Nursing.

I like OT's for their evaluation skills- I think there is a test for independent living, and I am glad to hear OT's input on these kinds of things. I am in psych. Also in psych the OT run skills groups which are also important and do psychoeducational groups for patients. And arts and crafts type groups depending on the population. Where I am now the OT on another unit does a Yoga group..another one does cognitive screening. I think you can see where you think the need is and speak up.

Thanks for asking..

Thanks so much, I really appreciate your response! I'm glad to hear that you think your OTs are valuable. Is there anything you've seen them do that I should avoid? How can I be the best OT I can be, from a nurse's point of view?


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