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What 'o do?

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Hey everyone! I have a situation. I am an LPN in an lpn-rn program. I was in the 2nd year taking two classes and due to not meeting a deadline I was dropped from one of the classes (only after 2 weeks of class starting). I was told I was still considered to be in the nursing program and just had to submit paperwork to retake the class once it was offered again. Well I found out the class I have to retake is not offered again for 9 months ( talk about a set back). The people that I was in class with will be working as RNs before I even start school again. I've been wanting to be a RN before I went to school to become an LPN so I am looking for the easiest/quickest resolution, but haven't been able to get advice from fellow friends. I am considering another lpn to rn program, even though I will still finish in the same amount of time if I stayed at this school, but the school doesn't graduate half of it's nursing students and the faculty's attitudes towards the students are horrible. Also considering Excelsior. The set back I have with EC is that the CPNE has a waiting list, a lot of people who don't pass the CPNE the first time, and when I do go back for the BSN will they accept the credits at a traditional school. Anyone with advice or a good school near the metro Atlanta area?

Er... well... it might be... probably will be... a long shot, but see if there are any other schools that have lpn to rn and see if you can transfer over the credits you already have and see if the class you need is offered sooner. I doubt schools will do this in the middle of a semester though...

Good luck! Sorry I couldn't have been more help.

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