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To start with a little background, I have imagined myself being a nurse for many years. I was hospitalized when I was younger for a minor infection that became a much bigger issue, and was healed by nurses. I had the chance to talk with many different RN's. I fell in love with the idea of helping people heal holistically.

I went to college. I did A LOT in college. I was a Resident Assistant (RA) for three years. I was involved in and leading multiple different clubs. I worked at Buffalo Wild Wings on the weekends. I was the Student Body President, and I was in nursing school. Therefore to say I can't multitask, would be a lie. Don't get me wrong, it was hard, but I loved every second of it.

I graduated, and now have my BSN. It is a year and 5 months after I have graduated and I have taken my NCLEX-RN for the third time now, and failed. Defeated only scratches the surface of how I feel. I have been in counseling now for 6 months for testing anxiety. I take a daily dose of depression medication to take the edge off of my anxiety and depression. My third time of taking the NCLEX-RN my counselor helped me get accommodations. I took the test in a room by myself, in the evening (which is when I function best and had been practicing studying). I have used six programs to prepare every time, ATI, Kaplan (twice), Mark Klimek (a local nursing review), Saunders NCLEX prep, Exam Cram, and NCSBN. Yesterday I went back to my alma-mater looking for advice or insight as to what to do now. I was sorely mistaken. I talked with the alumni office first explaining my situation. She now is working on a plan, talking to some of her resources before she gets back with me with her advice. I then walking into my nursing program unit. The Ohio Board of Nursing surveyor was there...of course I came on that day. I explained that I was not trying to be in the way and had taken the whole day off work for this particular meeting with my former dean of Nursing. She would not meet with me. I explained I was willing to sit around all day until she could meet with me, and I did. She said "Any other day I could meet with you, but not today" and went home..

I spoke with some of my former professors and got no further than another encouraging word. One explained she may have a new resource for me, which is wonderful and I'm now waiting for feedback.

However, for now. I'm still working at Buffalo Wild Wings, trying to pay back my $50,000 worth of debt on a small income. No one will higher me because I don't have enough experience in the field or because I do have my BSN, and am "too educated for the position." I don't know how to get experience if no one will give me a chance. My parents help me out as much as they can, but I also have too much pride to ever take more than a full gas tank once in a while. I'm lost, totally confused, and out of money due to my test, my expenses on resources and taking the exam three times. If anyone would have word of advice, I welcome it. What now??


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I don't have any advice on how to pass the NCLEX other to say that it sounds like your doing all that you can to pass it.

Have you looked into any jobs with pharmaceutical or medical device companies? They usually prefer very outgoing people with some medical background, so they would probably appreciate your nursing degree, even without a license, as well as all the extracurricular activities you were involved in at school.


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When u receive ur cpr after the test are you barely passing? Near passing? I would maybe recommend a review like remar. There are others too. What are you finding to be most difficult for you?


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Every time I take it, I have taken all 265 questions, all six hours. I am near passing or passing in every category. Each time I have tested there is a new topic I get drilled on. The first test was all about drugs. the second was totally about OB and delegation and the third I got a lot of situational topics, so prioritization. I feel very strong in content. But obviously I'm missing something.