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What to do now?

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I took the TEAS V Exam at Middle Ga State College today, my score is not exactly what I expected but I do know why I received the grade I did. I made a 79.3 overall on the exam. (90 Match, 81 Reading, 75 Science, 70 grammar usage). My GPA for nursing core classes is a 3.46 as well with two classes in progress. I try to be very optimistic about my ability to get in, however I am not sure what my chances are. Can anyone shed light on what these scores are like and what I should do now?


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One of the best things that you can do is talk to the admissions department of the school that you are wanting to apply towards. Your GPA should be strong enough to get you into a nursing program, not necessarily the one you want to get into. It has been a while since I took the TEAS test so I'm not familiar with the scoring anymore, but a lot of colleges will associate your TEAs score with a "point" given depending on how high you score. Overall I think that your chances of getting into a nursing program are good. What is more important are the courses required to get into the program and how you performed on them. Especially Chem, A&P, Bio, Micro. Those scores should be great.