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Doing some research with a friend and we were wondering - which of the following makes more sense?

Traveling an hour away to an accelerated BSN program that may allow one to graduate a year early or stay in town and completing a degree at a local college?

Would the traveling and studying for an accelerated program cause a commuter early burnout, or is it doable? Also, are the costs for an accelerated worth it?

Thanks in advance :)


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Well one thing you may want to consider is where the clinicals are for the school that's an hour away. I knew someone that had to drive an hour from her school to the clinical sites and if you already live an hour away you may want to make sure that the clinicals are at least close to the school.

But I must say that's a tough choice. Personally I would choose the school that's closer. Attendance is going to be a must and if there's unpredicted traffic on the freeway, I doubt a teacher is going to care for your excuses for being late or missing his/her class. These aren't like general education courses where it doesn't matter if your late or miss a couple classes but of course everyone, like myself, just wants to get out of school as fast as possible. So i know I didn't really answer your question but hopefully my input was somewhat helpful :D


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It is doable. There are those who commute and make it through.

Personally, I would not do it as I would be concerned about traffic, the possibility of car problems, the time it would take away from studying and day to day things that have to be done, and the price of gas seems to be on the rise again.

Maybe look at:

1. How many days would you have to drive to the accelerated program? Now that I think about if it is not Mon-Fri, might not be that bad.

2. Cost comparison of the programs. How much are you talking about for the accelerated?

3. If you have children, do you have dependable child care that would be able to care for your child/children if you decided to commute?

4. Have you been admitted to both programs?

5. Pass rates, etc for each program.

6. Do you have a good support system?

I am not sure if it would be possible for you to move or not. I am in my first quarter of an accelerated LPN program and moved here from about an hour and a half away. I already have a bachelor's degree, but I did not want to play the waiting game to see IF I got accepted to other programs or not. Getting into the programs here is crazy. I did not feel comfortable driving here 5 days a week for school. It made me nervous.

I am sure it can be done. Ask yourself if you can make it work for sure without a doubt. Maybe make a pros/cons list.



Thanks y'all :)

I, myself, have not yet applied out for the accelerated...but I am in a local nursing (pretty cool) program. It looks like the accelerated program is everyday and the clinicals are varying places - up to 1.5 hours away. Plus, you have to drive back! I forgot about being late to clinical - no joke!

Accelerated tuition is much more than the college - approx. $25 grand for the entire program (adding up everthing - who knows how much gas will be in a year :). I have a good support system (not married / no kids BTW)...but I was worried about travel and car expenses. I think I just wanted to move on quicker...but the stress on my mind, car, debt, and everything else screams go the longer program. Plus, I guess a year will go fast :)

Thanks again! I really appreciate it.

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