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What are you looking for in a new career?

Specializes in Tele m/s, new to ED.

Besides the obvious money and benefits, what is IT that we are looking for?This is part of a school project, I want to make a "Top Three Reasons" list for putting ourselves through this torture of higher education.

I want to spend my life doing something that benefits others, a field in which I'll personally have numerous opportunities to continue learning and developing expertise, a profession that has many applications and choices of settings - that I can stay active in as I age.


Has 2 years experience. Specializes in Emergency.

A work environment where I feel welcome, valued, comfortable, respected, and encouraged to continue my education. As someone who gets bored easily, I was also looking for a new career where I could change directions relatively easily without having to go back to school for 4 more years. Nursing will let me change hospitals/employers far easier than any other career I know, and will let me change specialties/directions far easier than any other career I know. And, the possibilities for continuing education are endless.

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