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What do they look for in the process?

I'll be starting this summer with pre-req. at Niagara Community for the RN program. I was told that as of right now they have 70 ppl on the waiting list. I know I still have to take some pre-req. before I even think of applying, but my question is how do they go about picking ppl for the program? What kinds of things do they look for in their selections? I'm 34 and I don't want to wait forever. I just want to know what I can do starting now that could better my chances. Also, I don't have a strong science background, can anyone have any tips on what I could do start preparing for those tough bio classes?? I'm not sure what classes I'll be taking this summer becuz my advisor meeting won't be until sometime this month. I know lots of questions, but if anyone has any info. or advice I would GREATLY APPRECIATE it!

Thanks SOO much!:wink2:

I was in same boat as you. Definately take your A&P 1 and II if you can !! before getting into RN program. Try to get Microbiology out of the way too. The A&P's are really tough. Read Read Read and google subjects and slides for lab and memorize them for the tests.

For other classes like ENG 101 and 201 (i think those are the numbers) PSY 101 and 201; Sociology or History etc.... you can take these online (lots of work but you can do it in the privacy of your own home with your own PC at 1am if you want so that is convenient.

Thanks for that info. I'm anxious to meet with my advisor on the 16th! I have lots of questions about the program & waitlists.

Thanks again!

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