What is your life like?


Hello there,

I am a nurse-to-be, and one of the areas I am interested in is Neonatal Nursing. I would love it if you gave me a snippet of your life, if you have children, if your job allows you enough time for your family, what the hours are like, the level of stress, the pay, and your overall satisfaction with this area of nursing.

I am trying to get a good impression of all the fields of nursing I am intrigued by so that I can play with ideas before I go to school.

Thank you,


I meant to write midwifery there, not neonatal nursing.


Maybe I should be more specific with my question:

What is the average day like for a midwife? Is your work focused more around delivering babies, or the checkups leading up to delivery? What is it like to drop everything, and go deliver a baby?

Thanks, Steph

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