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Hello everyone,

I'm in my last semester of nursing school having worked as an ER tech from right after I finished Fundamentals of Nursing. To be perfectly honest, I love my job there- yeah I'm an adrenaline junkie. However I know with the number of openings in the ER and the students there that are already members of the extern program...continuing there after graduation is a mite far-fetched. To combat that I've sequestered a position away at another hospital so I know I'm pretty covered as far as having a job. Just gotta pass that NCLEX!

However, I'm torn between working as a tech for my last semester and volunteering. I took the state EMT-B test the semester before I got accepted into nursing school (December 2008) so I know mine expires soon unless I'm affiliated with a station. I know prehospital is not the same thing as the ER, but I also feel that I'll still get some valuable experience outside the hospital (it sure as hell has helped in school). Plus if I keep my EMT-B up as a volunteer while working as a nurse I could potentially get back in and get my paramedic license. And yes, the idea of being a flight nurse does cross my mind from time to time.

The downside is the money situation. I also feel that working in the ER, I've been able to visualize test questions all that much easier because I've seen the patient before. I'm not going to work there after I graduate, but I could still get four months. But with the NCLEX coming up I'm not so sure I want to do practicum and work a few shifts a week...

So I'm just looking for opinions. Anyone done volunteer work as an EMT-B before going for paramedic? (Let me say now I have no desire to be a firefighter) Anyone feel its helped them in the ICU? Or down in the ER? (where I hope to get back to)

How about nurses that feel volunteering betters their life? Or none of the above? Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!


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I personally would stick with the job you have as a tech. You don't know how long it will take you to find a job once you graduate and pass NCLEX, especially since the market is still tough for new grads and you're concerned about finances. I would just ask to cut back your hours a bit for your practicum if you feel you're going to be overworked. :twocents: Good luck!

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That's the thing, I do have a job secured. I'm just trying to determine what would be the best use of my time.

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