What do you know NOW that you wish you knew then...

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I was having a conversation with a friend who is now a pharmacist and this question came up. We both decided that if we had the wisdom at twenty three, that we do now at thirty three things would have been much easier. I asked him what was ONE thing he wished he had known when he was younger. This friend who was a marginal student for pharmacy school (3.0 GPA, 60th % PCAT) spent THREE years after completing his prerequisites before he was finally accepted (he wanted to remain in Indiana due to having a family and therefore only applied to Butler and Purdue the states only pharmacy schools.)

Anyway, he later learned that if he had only spent his first TWO years at Butler (instead of IU) completing his prerequisites THEN his acceptence would have been automatic provided he had a 2.5 GPA! Unfortunately, this deal was only availible to incoming freshmen (and Butler's admission standards are only average for freshmen as opposed to pharmacy students).

Anyway, what have you CRNA's learned that you wish you had known then?

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