What Kind Of Shots?


i hope to start the rpn program in sept. at conestoga. i am just wondering :uhoh3: what kind on shots you need to have?

do you get them done at the clinic in the college or at your doctor? is there a specific date that you have to get them done? :o hopefully not the course start date.

i would guess they would probably give you a little bit of time as long as it's before your clinicals. right?

any advice would be appreciated. :)


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You should have your Hep B (or if you've already had it, you should have your titre checked), varicella if you have never had chickenpox, ensure that you have had a measles booster at some point (usually done at age 16), tetanus (if not current) and a 2-step tuberculosis test.

My school sent a form that my doctor had to fill out and sign about all of the above... the best thing you can do is to start collecting all of the documentation about the vaccinations you've had in the past, so that your doctor can get you the shots you need and fill out the form accurately.

Good luck at school!



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Congrats on getting in, and much luck in the program! (I just finished the RN program there).

You will likely get info about that the first week of classes...if you have the immunization record from Public Health, you should have that ready (if you've lost it, call the office in Waterloo...they can print you a new one, it will have all the info from birth to the end of highschool on it).

The school holds clinics for the mantoux TB tests, boosters, and flu shots...so don't worry about running around before school starts to do them!

Enjoy your summer, get some sleep now :p


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You should have your Hep B (or if you've already had it, you should have your titre checked),

Actually, if you haven't already had the Hep B shot, you should consider getting the Twinrix (Hep A&B) instead. If you end up travelling some time in the future, it will save you getting extra shots.

I gave my kids the Twinrix instead of the Hep B for that very reason.



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Thanks for all your help. It helps to know a little bit before to calm those dreaded nerves!!!

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