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What kind of nursing delivery system are you using on your unit (team, functional, primary care, total patient care, case management, something else?)

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by deweydecimal13501 deweydecimal13501 (Member)

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I am asking for a Nursing Administrator at the hospital here about what kinds of nursing management models/nursing management system/model are  used on your Medical-Surgical Units.  Whether its: team nursing/modular nursing, total patient care nursing, primary care nursing, case management style nursing, functional nursing/progressive nursing nursing or some other system/model.  If you can tell us what you are using and how that is working for you.  Any information would be appreciated. 

We are building a new hospital here in about 3 years so are looking for something more effective (not task-oriented). Any information would be appreciated.  Even anecdotal information.

Thank-you in advance for your help,



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We use primary care.  There is an RN and a CNA assigned to each patient. 

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