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I'm trying to figure out if my job does things in a 'normal' manner when it comes to the infusion nurses. It definitely doesn't seem like we do. So, in addition to actually infusing patients, what are you expected to do? Do you work in a center that is connected to a clinic? If so, are you expected to handle telephone triage for the clinic while doing infusions? Do you take care of routine patient calls while doing infusions? 

Do you have an assignment or is it just whichever nurse is free takes the next patient? 

Also, if you dual sign your meds, what does the other nurse check? Do you go through labs with them? TB testing? Do you just verify the patient and the orders?

I like being an infusion nurse and I don't want to find a new job but I feel like we are abused as infusion nurses. Our focus should be the patient in front of us!!

Specializes in M/S, Tele, Sub (stepdown), Hospice.

My infusion center is not associated/attached to any clinics (only associated with my hospital).  We strictly do infusions/injections/labs/port flushes.

We have an assignment.  We each take 1 patient per hour that has already been assigned by the charge nurse so the acuity is fair.  I might have an abx patient at 0700, PRBC at 0800, Carbo/Taxol at 0900, hydration at 1000, etc. We also have a lot of patients that come in strictly for labs so we usually have a lab/resource person too.  

When we dual sign, the other RN is checking patient identifiers, independent med calculation, blood return.  We have 4 infusion centers associated with my hospital so some centers check the labs but we really don't where I'm at.

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