What is the job market for travel NP?

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I'm a mid 30s career "changer" from SAHM. Before having kids I intended to go to medical school and have 5 total years of experience behind me working in hospice, fertility clinic, and the OR but my children need more attention than medical school and residency allows. All prereqs are done but I am torn between NP and another career that has opportunities for travel.

Growing up, my life revolved around 13 week locums as I had a med traveling parent. I've lived in Alaska and Hawaii, among many other states and I really miss that life. My husband can work anywhere as long as I matched his current income (about 60k net).

I intend to pursue primary care but it will probably take me 5 years to get it done. FNP is supposedly in a lull now? Does this impact travel NP too? I would enjoy working with diabetic populations (as I have been a parent of a type 1 for many years now) if I had to remain stationary but I don't know what demand there is for this and NP-- I know that reproductive endocrinology isn't bursting with new openings as it's so cushy (:

Where are the opportunities for travel NPs in your workplaces, if any? Are some specialties or environments providing more opportunity than others?

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