What should I do?

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:confused: I am very intrested in becoming a nurse! (I haven't been able to decied between Rn or PA, but am pretty sure I want to be an RN) But where do I start? I'm a senior in high-school, and will be graduating in January. If any of you could tell me what you did, college, prerequisits (SP?), how you paid for it...anything and everything you can think of that would help me or give me more direction, it would be great! i'm looking forward to hearing from you!:D




The pre-requisites vary with the degree. An Associate Degree Nursing usually takes about 3 years to complete and requires Anatomy & Physiology I and II, Microbiology, General Chemisty, English Composition I and II and a couple of Psychology classes (basically- it does vary between the programs, though). A Bachelor's Degree Nursing takes about 4 years to complete and requires the same prerequisites above, as well as some general education classes such as Math, History, Government, Fine Arts, etc. The BSN program also has about twice as many nursing classes as the ADN. Financial aid is paying for my degree. I get a combination of need based grants and non need based loans. You need to fill out a FAFSA form to get your financial aid started. You can get the form on the web at: http://www.ed.gov (this is the site for the US Dept. of Education). Let me know if you have more questions; I'd be happy to help. :)


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