What should I do to get a 2nd degree?!


Hi everyone. I've seen quite a few second degree/non-traditional studnets here, so I figured i'd ask for some advice. I'm graduating with a BA in English this May, and much as I love it, there's no way I'll be able to get any decent job with it, or really do all that much with it other than teach (which I couldn't do).

I'm thinking of going back to get a nursing degree, since it's a career I've been considering since high school. I can't figure out which is the best option for me, though. I'll be moving to Nashville this summer, and I was thinking of completing my pre-reqs at a community college there and then trying to transfer to Belmont or Vanderbilt for a fast track program. Or i can just go back to school and complete my pre-reqs at the community college and transfer to one of those two schools to get an actual BSN. Either way I'm going to be in school for atleast 3 years. What is the best option?

Also, to anyone who has ever done this, was it harder to get financial aid the 2nd time around? There's no way i can do this without aid :\ And, finally, if any of you got a 2nd degree in nursing, how did you explain to friends/family? (My family wants me to settle now, and honestly I don't know how I'll explain this to them if I end up doing it).

Thanks to anyone who bothers to reply to this :nuke:


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Well, you won't be eligible for Fed Grant money for a second bachelor degree. It's a bummer, but if you would consider a direct entry Master's, you would then be eligible for Fed Grant monies.

I would simply suggest that you do the research. Keep digging and asking around at various programs near you. Ofcourse, taking some time off to decide if nursing really IS what you want. It would be a shame to have two degrees and the debt associated and still not like what you're qualified for :)


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I am in an MENP program...Masters Entry into Nursing. I have a 4 yr degree and decided to be a nurse. Why go back for a BSN or AD when you can work a little harder and come out of school with a Masters of Science and your RN? Look into a direct entry program, it is very much worth it.:D


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thanks for the replies. I was thinking of doing a direct entry Master's program, but the only one I could go to (since I can't drive) would be at Vanderbilt. And, much as I'd love to go to Vandy, I honestly don't see myself getting in, even if I did make good grades in my pre-reqs.

Not matter what I end up doing I have to get my pre-reqs done first and i don't have any of those done yet.... So this means I atleast have a year or two to figure out how to continue my nursing education.

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