What grades CRNA schools are looking for?


Hi all,

I'm an undergrad, and I just finished taking med surg (for the second time, I had a D+ the first time around, and now have C + in the lecture.) I also recieved a C+ in pharm. I'm pretty depressed because I was like 3 points away from a B-, and like an idiot I had to go back and change my answers (BTW I just got my grades tonight) . My overall gpa is a 3.18, and I'm in the honors program. I also have a minor in thanatology.

I'm really wondering how this will affect my chances of getting into a CRNA school. I realize now I HAVE to work extremely hard to get my gpa up. I've been researching schools forever, and I realize this is something I really want to do, but I feel like I'm not smart enough to do it even though I'm trying extra hard.

Does anyone have any really good advice or hopeful thoughts to share? Or should I just be pursuing something else? :o



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for myself, they looked at the cumulative GPA, but emphasized on science GPA. They liked that I consistently did well in difficult courses and used fluff to bump my overall GPA.


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If you don't mind me asking, what was your overall gpa and your nur gpa?

Do you have any good advice?

I definitely have not been consistent with my grades.


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If you don't mind me asking, what was your overall gpa and your nur gpa?

Do you have any good advice?

I definitely have not been consistent with my grades.

One thing that helped me in my BSN program was to dictate the lecture notes (pharm, patho, med surg) onto tape and then listen to them when I was driving in the car. I had a long drive, 45 minutes each way, so it was quite helpful. Going through the notes and dictating them was probably more helpful than the listening portion. I also liked to use flash cards so you can study quickly if you are at work or have some other down time.


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Your overall GPA is not a deal-breaker but you don't want it to drop any lower. Schools look for that diamond-in-the-rough that is motivated and filled with desire. IMO, you should get with your nursing instructors and seek help if there are concepts that you don't grasp in nursing theory. Keep in mind that you will be competing against applicants with perfect GPAs. However, having a perfect GPA does not guarantee admission. There are other elements to the selection process that you can use to your advantage.

Whatever you do don't give up on your dream. I have a few friends that got into CRNA programs with 2.9 GPAs. It may take repeat attempts but PDs seem to respect the tenacity of applicants who make repeated attempts to enter their programs.

Good luck in your endeavor...


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Both of the programs I've applied for require a minimum of a 3.0 GPA overall. Then they also calculate nursing and science separately. Good luck!


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The director of my local CRNA program told me that while they look, of course, at all aspects of a candidate's application, they are definitely looking for a GPA higher than 3.5.

Don't give up- the best advice is to meet with your instructors/counselors and find out exactly what you need to do and how they can help you. Good luck!

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