What GPA is needed to get into a good MSN program?

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I have one more year to finish my RN, but I am considering applying to a master's program after I finish. What kind of GPA is usually required for a decent program? I currently have a little over 3.2 GPA. I've heard that University of Phoenix is not nationally accredidated, they only require a 3 GPA. Any suggestions/Information would be really appreciated!

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First, you don’t want a nationally accredited school. You will want one that is regionally accredited. The other thing is you will want to search for schools that are either NLNAC or CCNE accredited as far as their nursing program. The NLNAC and CCNE websites have a link that will show you nursing programs that are accredited by those accredidating bodies.

For the record, I would think a 3.2 will be enough to get into a graduate program.

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