What good is the OS candidate ID from NMC for?


So I already passed IELTS for UK, and I am ready to book CBT. I also passed the eligibilty test from NMC and told me to contact Pearson Vue to book CBT. NMC gave me an OS CANDIDATE NUMBER. Pearson vue is asking for an NMC Candidate number. anyway I typed in my OS number and the site said that they could not match my info.

HELP! what good is my hard earned IELTS grade if I cannot book for a CBT!

Desperate nurse here.

PS. I also tried signing in as an "old user" with my NMC username/pssword in pearson vue, same result.

I tried contacting pearson vue's email to no avail.. :(


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Hello, how was your application with pearsonvue? Was it resolved? I als had the same problem today and I don't know what to do :(

Hi, i just want to ask how you resolved this problem?