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What is good orientation/preceptorship?

May be a silly question but for a new RN like me...."What is considered good orientation or preceptorship?"

Do u advise that i wait for the new graduate rn program to start or accept an offer to work in a specialized area like labor and delivery, icu etc ( with training). but with my limited experience or exposure ( my clinical hours when i was a student is my only experience plus of course book /theoretical knowledge) .will i be comfortable with it? :uhoh21:


As a new grad who chose to go the specialty route into L&D, DO NOT WORRY. All of the specialty areas pretty much have their own internships that you go through. They know that you only brush on certain things in school. They will make sure you know what you need to know. My 2 cents on going medsurg: sure, it is great to get those 2 years experience, BUT I have heard several nurses tell me that they've gotten "stuck" in medsurg and cannot get a job in any of the specialty areas, and they get pushed to take the medsurg position because they already have that experience. It really is just whatever your heart tells you. Nurses and instructors will all tell you different things. Only you know what is right for you!

Good luck with your decision.

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