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I plan to go into Emergency Medicine. Our local hospital has an 8 week internship program...any thoughts? Should i get some experience in ICU or CCU first? I am a 43 year old...with a background in Pharmacy of all things...


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I was an ER nurse for almost 2 years after 9 years of experience as an RN in med/surg, ICU/CCU, pediatrics, ortho, and OB (mostly postpartum). My experience was helpful, but not mandatory. ER is a wonderful place to work. It is quite challenging because you have to be ready for anything at anytime. I would say that you should take the opportunity to enroll in the 8 week course, and get going in the ER as soon as you can to start getting experience. Just know that you will be asking a lot of questions of other more experienced nurses and doctors. Hopefully you will be surrounded by supportive people who will guide you along. ER is 90% family practice medicine (with a lot of pediatrics) and 10% major emergencies (automobile accidents, major lacerations, hypovolemic shock, ectopic pregnancies, pneumothoraces, drug overdoses, cardiac emergencies). You will learn so much and if you ever want to become a FNP (I am becoming one now) your ER experience will be invaluable. Good luck. Let me know if you desire other information on the subject. I love to talk about it.

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