What is the future of Anesthetics and how will the patient be affected?

Nurses Safety


I am a high school student and as a honors graduation requirement I must thoroughly research and deliver my views on a controversial issue. My goal is to eventually become a CRNA.

I know that CRNAs vs. Anesthesiologist has become a controversial issue. Most MDs and Anesthesiologist see CRNAs incompetent to administer Anesthetics without their supervision and claim that CRNAs cannot handle irregular situations, especially tramatic one. CRNAs claim that this in untrue because nearly 65% of Anesthetics are provided without the supervision of Anesthesiologist and that most surgical patients are never even acknowledged by Anesthesiogist. CRNAs also claim that they have safely administered Anesthetics for nearly 100 years, longer then Anesthesiologist have existed, and that this is not an issue of patient safety but merely a "turf" battle.

With CRNAs gaining more control in Anesthetics, will hospitals prefer CRNAs over Anesthesiologist since it is a lower paid profession? Now that the HCFA (Health Care Financing Administration) has ruled that CRNAs do not need to be supervised by Anesthesiologist, and that the hospitals can continue to be reimbursed by Medicare, what do you see for the future of Anesthesiologist? Over time do you think that this field will disappear and that Anesthetics will return to CRNAs? Being a high school student do not know the full responsibilities of both of these occupations but is there a possiblity of Anesthesiologist disappearing or is their role in medicine too valuable?

Please give me any insight possible! Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]! Thanks!

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