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What to do.... Floor nurse vs. Research nurse/tech

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Hi all,

This is my first time posting on these forums so I guess I will start off with a little bit about my background... I am a RN that has been working for about 1.5 years now after getting my BSN. I was lucky and found a job at a local hospital as a new grad right off the bat. I work on the med/surg floor at that hospital and some days I love it... but I know that things are already starting to get repetitive and I don't want to stay here forever (it's a lot of work, phew!). I am looking mostly towards my future now and would appreciate a lil career advice.

Well the short of it is... a temp agency I used to work for when I was a lvn contacted me and told me of a "new big opportunity" they have for their RNs after they signed a contract with a local biotech company... Now me personally, I was excited for some reason as soon as they said biotech company because those are really big out here, and this could be the long-term career advancement I am looking for. However, I don't want to leave behind a good RN job with benies... so here is my dilemma. They are asking me to interview this week because they are looking to hire RN's for a phase 3 clinical study that this company needs to start ASAP. This position would basically require extensive travel (nationally and internationally) ...that part I would also love.

The problem is they have only given me limited information about the position over the phone and in email (I keep asking for more written info!) Here is what they have sent me so far, pls let me know what you guys think:

We have an amazing RN position available as we have partnered with a local Biotech company here in San Diego, and will be placing RN's to help with their clinic trials throughout the US. Please read below and contact us should you be interested in further information.

Are you an exceptional Registered Nurse seeking a unique opportunity that will allow you to be at the forefront of medical technology while gaining hands on experience in the high-paying, fast growing field of biotechnology enabled medicine?

Does a career-shaping opportunity to travel extensively while earning top dollar appeal to your life and career goals?

Discovery Medical is hiring Top Talent Registered Nurses for a high-tech phase three clinical study. This is a minimum one year commitment that will require extensive travel and paid on-call.

Ideal Candidate:

Highly Motivated, ambitious and eager to learn

Ability to travel nationally and internationally without restriction

No current work commitments (registry/agency work OK)

Ability to work independently

Thank you for your interest in this exciting opportunity! I have included some information below along with a link to Vital Therapies so you can take a look at their site and the ELAD study information.

We are looking to identify 6-12 nurses to interview with us along with our client and to begin training ASAP if selected for this position. The position will require a minimum of 3 days on-call per week and 7 days of travel if called for assignment during your on-call days (2 days for travel and 5 days of treatment at the selected hospital).

$250 flat for on-call days

Training rate $36/hr

Hourly rate while on your shift in the field $40 + $110/day tax free stipend for meals and incidentals

In the field, you will basically be an onsite tech for the ELAD machine in the ICU's and troubleshoot problems and collect research data from the device. You will travel with 2 others nurses and split up into 8 hr shifts.