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What to expect during first semester of Nursing

Hello! :)

Well, I got some great news -- I was accepted into the 2016 Spring ADN program at my local college! It has not really hit me yet, I don't think. I had tried to prepare myself for a rejection notice for so long, but they accepted me!

My question is what should I expect during the first semester? I will be taking Nursing 101, which is 9 credit hours. Right now I am working full time as a CNA and will definitely drop way, way down to part time. In my heart I know this is what I am meant to do in life, but the change of it all and going to school every day as opposed to part time, and the chaos nursing school will probably bring, it all has me worried! I guess I just need some reassurement that this is not impossible. Difficult, but not impossible. Can anyone give some words of wisdom to go on during my first semester?

Show up on time. Take an active role in the learning process. Turn in assignments on time. Enjoy every minute of it. You'll be fine.


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