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What was your cumulative & science GPA when you applied to nursing school?

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Hello! I’m currently a student at The university of Memphis & was currently  declined from LCON’s nursing program. I plan to transfer to Baptist College Of Health Sciences in the fall to secure my nursing degree, but I will be Applying to LCON for a second time just to be on the safe side. I currently have a overall GPA of a 3.36 and a science GPA of a 3.1, although I have 3 classes from Spring 2020 semester that are pending for my science GPA, which could potentially raise it to a 3.2. I am taking up 8 classes in the fall that are required in order for me to apply to BCHS nursing program. Has anyone been accepted to their program and what was your cumulative & science GPA? I’m honestly becoming so discouraged.. I’ve never wanted something so bad and it seems nearly impossible to achieve

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