What other credentials can I add to my BScN? I dislike my job opportunities


Good day everyone!

I have been an RN for a little over 3 years and to be honest I am very unhappy in my chosen profession. Right out of school I worked on a surgical unit and then day surgery. I left that for homecare which I liked a lot better. I had to move to another city and with the job market the way it is where I live there were VERY limited options. After about 150 applications I finally got a position as the Night RN at a long term care facility. I have been there only a few months and am completely burned out. I hate working nights. I dislike hospitals. All of the jobs that I know I would excel at are out of my reach. There are cut backs and hiring freezes and I don't have experience. I have now submitted over 200 resumes and can't even get an interview. I live in alberta and alberta health services runs almost everything. If you don't have a job with them already, you can't get one. I am not lazy and I literally tried EVERYTHING I could think of to just get the job I have.

I am now considering upgrading my education in hopes to be more attractive to potential employers. I am just wondering if any of you have any ideas or advice for me? Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and hopefully respond. I am seriously at my wits end and don't know what to do.

My first instinct is not to look at you but to look at your resume and cover letter?

Your resume is a piece of marketing literature and should be treated as such. I hope that you were not sending the same piece of marketing literature to 200 very different "customers" who are looking for different things.

Before you just keep spamming everyone with applications however at least figure what you do like. Network, maybe attend some local professional nursing organization meetings, ask to shadow some people. Then work on education and other means to make yourself more attractive.


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Thank you for the reply! I actually try to customize my cover letter for the different positions. It gets pretty time consuming but I get that it is important. I moved to a new city so I don't really know many people here, I have done some networking. There is a hiring freeze at the major employer here so they won't even look at external candidates. I like your idea of attending professional nursing organization meetings. i was also thinking of trying to shadow people in positions that I would be interested in. Thanks for the advice!