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What courses should I take?

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by mely29 mely29 (Member)

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Good Afternoon!

I'm excited about transferring to a university after completing my associates in arts in pre-nursing. I have successfully completed all my pre-requites, but because I'm transferring early to complete "pathophysiology" I would like to take other classes that can benefit me in the long run. My adviser suggested:

Intro to Public health

intro to epidemiology

medical terminology

etc etc

For all you nurses out there who have any input it will be greatly appreciated. I would like to take classes that can be of great insight and focus and will better prepare me for the nursing program! thanks!

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queserasera has 5 years experience as a RN and works as a Nurse.

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I'm also in pre reqs but I felt my med term class was awesome in setting me up for success!

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