What about contracting before graduation?


Has anyone else thought about contracting with a hospital to help pay for school before graduation? I am having a difficult time finding information or opinions concerning this subject. I would like to contract with our local hospital, but I do not want to "sell my soul to the devil". Any information would be helpful!:nurse:


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Make sure your read your contract BEFORE you sign it! Know what your facility is asking of you, prior to committing! Also, it is good to ask about their requirements for passing the NCLEX. Jumping into a contractual agreement prior to graduation can be shady if you don't consider what they want in return. It may also be helpful if you could talk to another person who contracted with the same facility and went through the same ordeal. You can ask anyone in HR if they could refer you to someone who went through it so you can ask them personally..... prior to signing the contract! Good luck with your decision.:wink2:

Thanks for the advice! I am not sure about the policies here at our local hospital and I am really wondering about the pay scale and how much it is reduced if I were to contract. So far all I have gotten from the hospital is "you have to go through the school to get information" and since classes have not officially started I have no one to ask. I'll keep looking into it, though!:nurse:

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