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What can I do to become an ER nurse?


Hey there!

I'm a new grad RN-BSN from Minnesota. Been applying to positions in my area. I have a few interviews scheduled for next week (private duty nursing & LTC). The market is kinda tough but I can't relocate until next year. I plan on taking what I can get and will be happy just to have a job. My goal is to become an ER nurse. So my question is, what can I do for the next year to help me achieve that goal?

My current plan is to secure a job and volunteer (such as in the redcross disaster action team, medical reserve corps, or maybe in free clinics). I will get my PALs & ACLS. It will be a busy year but I'm excited for it.

Since I am open to relocating next year, I am wondering which states are more receptive to training newer nurses in the ER, so that I can obtain those licenses by endorsement and increase my chances. I've heard TX and ND. Is that true and are there other states? I know it's possible, I've read MANY posts from new grads starting right into the ER (but they don't usually disclose their location in the post).

My backup plan is to apply for tele positions, and then try again for ER the following year.

I know many are opposed to nurses starting off in the ER without Med/Surg & Tele experience first, but I'm willing to work hard and want to at least try.

Any advice, thoughts, or suggestions about my plan? Any other certs or ideas I should consider?

Thank you :)

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I'd suggest applying for as many ED positions that are available as possible. Perhaps some EMS experience...volunteering in a local EMS corps? If you're willing to relocate, look at hospitals that actively recruit new grads and apply to the programs they offer.

Good luck!!

thank you for your replies!

Something I've learned since my 3 yrs of nursing: Always remember that ANY experience you get will be valuable wherever you end up in Your nursing career. LTC was the hardest nursing I ever did, but I will never regret it! Learned how to work hard with little support from staff and managers! As a new grad, your chances of getting into the ER will be low. Timing is everything. For ex: I got a job as a DEtox nurse with no exp because the nurse manager was desperately looking for rNs. Don't stop applying! Keep trying!